The Challenge

If the environmental community has learned one thing about trying to get the facts and truth about climate change to the American people, it’s that we cannot trust  the major U.S. television networks to cover the Global Warming -- Climate Change story.    

Despite the fact that 2016 was the hottest year on record, climate coverage on the major broadcast TV networks -- ABC, CBS, NBC & Fox -– actually decreased 66% to a combined total of just 50 minutes of climate coverage for the entire year!    (Source: Media Matters, 3/23/17)  
Clearly, the major TV networks are part of the problem.    

Climate Warriors plans to help fill that void by creating a compelling TV series for underserved American audience, for both those who agree that Climate Change from global warming is a man-made phenomenon and an existential threat to the U.S. and our planet –- as well as those not yet convinced. Climate is not just  a “what if” environmental story.    

Climate change is already wreaking havoc on the planet.  It’s linked to extreme weather events:
droughts, wildfires and food shortages, hurricanes, torrential rainfall, flooding and sea level rise.

A September, 2016 National Intelligence Council report, coordinated with the U.S. intelligence community, recognized Climate Change as one of the greatest threats to U.S. national security over the next 20 years.   

Climate change has become the issue of the millennial generation -- 75% of whom believe global warming is fact. (Source: 2016 Harvard University poll)  

Climate Warriors will enlist some of the best and brightest young people who are prepared to take action in the Climate Change battle in order to save their and future generations environmental health.

The producers are currently casting Climate Warriors who are prepared to take on the challenge of creating this video series. 

To apply to  Climate Warriors:
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