January 14, 2016       

Dear Zev and Glenn,   

Thank you for sharing information about your project, “Climate Warriors” and inviting us to serve on your Board of Advisors. As you know, much of our research focuses on the climate justice movement and thus, naturally, we see great value in you crafting a compelling story about activist efforts. Moreover, as direct observers and sometimes participants in student-led climate activism, we believe there is a deep need to reveal the genuine human dimensions of what drives young people to act on behalf of the planet and to depict how young people are seeing their activist work as a civilizational challenge that excites and directs their personal and professional lives.    

We would encourage you to share your ideas with other professors in higher education and youth activists. Many of our colleagues have been studying climate activism and would appreciate the angle you are developing. 

Likewise, many of our alumni are devoting their lives to climate activism and would, likewise, be interested in your effort to give voice to what they so deeply feel.   Given our scholarly interests and the trajectory of your work, we are honored to serve on your Advisory Board. We are grateful to be asked and look forward to working together.    


Simon Nicholson, Assistant Professor and Director of the Global Environmental Politics 

Paul Wapner, Professor of Global Environmental Politics  


National Center for Atmospheric Research


 National Center for Atmospheric Research  Integrated Science Program / 

Climate & Global Dynamics  

P. O. Box 3000, Boulder, CO 80307-3000 USA 

  July 18, 2017  

Dear Zev and Glenn:


Thanks for informing me about your “Climate Warriors” project. I’ve been working on how climate change impacts marine ecosystems for 35 years, and struggled for most of that time to communicate the importance of these impacts. I realize now that what I was missing is the human struggle, the human story, the human quest to make things better. There are many climate warriors in our midst, but their stories often remain untapped. 

Thank you for creating a program to reveal these stories and their power to inspire.  

So I support your effort, and wholeheartedly. To find solutions to climate change, yes we need research, yes we need science, yes we need innovation and creativity. But those tend to emerge from thoughtful receptive minds clustered into small groups. I wish you the best in creating that dynamic cluster of individuals driven by the passion of making the world a better place, who know failure and endure, and who are generous with their ideas.  

I am on the lookout for those inspiring young women and men that you seek. To borrow from Aldo Leopold, we seek the “green fire” in their eyes.  The best of luck to you both!  

Sincerely,  Joanie Kleypas  

National Center for Atmospheric Research    

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Zev Guber Productions

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Santa Fe, NM 87506

August 7, 2017


Dear Zev and Glenn:

Thank you for taking the initiative with the  Climate Warriors project and your commitment to bring awareness to a generation that could make a difference to many of the climate and environment related challenges facing our planet.  While research, data analysis and instrumentation are critical to understanding the cause and effect, motivating, building momentum and a groundswell of awareness are integral to creating and sustaining a grassroots movement critical to tackling on-going and evolving impact of climate change on land, air and water.  Every drop of water we drink and every breath we take - we are connected to the Ocean.  It is earth's blue heart and its only hope.  It has taken our planet of more than 3 billion years to evolved from a lifeless rock to now being a home to 7 billion people and complex life forms.  It is the vast living lab that is the barometer for climate change.

Bay.Org with its capacity to reach millions on the San Francisco Embarcadero, is working towards creating a landmark institution that will play a vital role in motivating a mass environment movement in times to come. 

George Jacob

President & CEO, Bay.Org

Aquarium of the Bay,

San Francisco


Put A Price On It Campaign!

  September 28, 2016        

Dear Zev and Glenn,      

Thank you for sharing your project “Climate Warriors” with me and for committing yourself to this important cause.    

As someone who has been working in the climate movement for the last decade, I full-heartedly support your new project. To create a green economy and to stand up against climate injustice, we will need a strong and diverse movement. Climate Warriors has the opportunity to lift up young leaders who are trying to cultivate this movement through their own stories. 

Additionally, as we all know, this story, one of the most pressing of our time, is too often left out of the national spotlight. This documentary series has the opportunity to change that narrative and emphasize the urgency of climate change.   

As a Co-founder of the national campaign Put A Price On It, I have had the pleasure of speaking and working with hundreds of these leaders who are stepping up for climate action. The momentum and solutions are out there, we just need to harness our collective energy and demand legislation from our elected officials. 

Climate Warriors has an opportunity to play a key role in this movement and I am proud to support your work.   

Best of luck!   


Camila Thorndike 

Carbon Pricing Coordinator, 

Chesapeake Climate Action Network Co-Founder, Our Climate/

Put A Price On It Campaign