Climate Warriors

The television series about young people taking action 

on the front lines in the battle against Climate Change


A hybrid, combining documentary, investigative reporting and unscripted “reality TV” elements. 


Climate Warriors will introduce audiences to a new kind of hero.
Its protagonists are not actors or celebrities. The challenges they face are far greater that any piece of fiction or video game. They are seven super-smart, telegenic, young women and men who have each had their own epiphany about the direct consequences of climate change. 


Climate Warriors will take viewers inside the conflict and drama of
the climate change crisis — telling compelling stories that will put a human face on the problem. The Warriors will stop at nothing to investigate and combat climate change disasters – while at the same time providing 21st Century solutions. 

Climate Warriors Overview

Our approach is guided by the insight and experience of our Senior Science Advisor, reforestation biologist, Dr. Thomas Lovejoy, who coined the term, “bio-diversity,” and maintains that there is no single silver bullet, but rather, a series of actions that, taken collectively, add up to a substantial response to climate change. 

The Climate Warriors’ training has equipped them to fight for a sustainable future. They believe that taking action to save our threatened planet is patriotic – not only to save the natural beauty of our country and the world, but also critical for protecting U.S. national security and preserving international stability. The stakes could not be higher. 

Like the three previous years, 2016 was the hottest year on record. It was also a landmark year in the fight against climate change. The Paris COP21 Agreement brought together 195 nations that have committed themselves to mitigate climate change. 

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